Methods of Treating Hair Loss and Restoring It


You don’t have to despair when your hair falls or thins. We all lose some of our hair, daily. But at periodic cycles, our hair grows back, but not always.

There are varied reasons why we lose our hair. Genetic factors, aging, hormonal imbalance, stress and depression are the common causes. When you fail to properly care for your hair, expect hair problems and hair loss. Some women find their hair thinning after menopause.

Depending on whether you are male or female, some methods of treatment will work for you but others will not. There is a different baltimore hair loss treatment that is most effective for each different cause of hair loss. So first find out the cause of your hair loss in order to determine the right course of treatment.

A new technology, laser hair care, that addresses rapid hair loss stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp. This treatment neutralizes dandruff and works on other scalp problems, also. Reduced hair losses can be achieved after having about 10 treatments, twice a week.

You might also try having a permanent hair graft. Thinning hair can be treated by this alternative surgical treatment option from Each hair follicle is surgically implanted into the scalp. They feel just like normal hair, soft and smooth. No special care is needed because the grafted hair cannot be pulled out so easily and the individual hair strands are hard to break. The hair will not grow, but you will be perceived as having a full head of hair. If you want, your own hair can be used, taking from some more populated parts of your body and reimplanted in your bare spots.

Other FDA-approved products can be used to promote the growth of hair where you have a lack of hair. After applying them on your scalp, your hair should begin to grow, again.

Hairpieces are good alternatives. A wig can be custom-fitted as an alternative to painful surgical procedures and the use of hair products. Without having to wait long, you can go to the store, get fitted and leave with the hairpiece of your choice. While this is the least expensive option, wigs now are very much improved. The high quality wigs look and feel natural. The color hair and skin tone can matched to your own.

Another is the lasercomb.  They have performed well in certain trials.

It is always a good and healthy practice to take good care of your hair everyday. Add more fruit and vegetables to your daily diet. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Vitamins and other nutrients are needed to maintain a healthy hair. For cleansing use a mild shampoo and a moisturizer to replace what you lost.

And remember, a healthy hair helps one look and feel good, not just to oneself, but to all those around you, also.